Meena Bagh Ratnari – An Apple Orchard Farmstay
Entire home
15 guests
7 Beds
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House Rules


Covid-19 Guidelines

RT-PCR Covid test is  mandatory for Meena Bagh Ratnari
You have full access to the Meena Bagh Orchard, the lawns and the farms , an area of over 14 bighas. However during the duration of your stay you would not be able to venture outside to the main road, or the forest where there is a risk of meeting locals. The caretaker will show you the Meena Bagh boundary on arrival. Please remember you are coming to a remote  area and a Green-zone. Hope you wil appreciate that for your safety and ours, we have to follow the Covid-19 guidelines strictly

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  • Rs 39800 per night for 8  people.
  • All meals can be ordered.
  • After 8 people it will be  Rs 2850 per adult per day.

(Kindly Note: The Tariff quoted above is only an approximation. Tariff can go up or down depending on the season. Tariffs are generally lesser for weekdays.)

Wireless Internet
Living Room